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Se loger à Kuta : Arena Hotel, je recommande !



Tombée en amour pour Bali, j'ai créé Balisolo en 2010 pour y faire le récit de mes aventures et trouvailles, expériences et rencontres balinaises. Découvertes indonésiennes, conseils pratiques pour voyageurs, suggestions d'itinéraires pour courts et longs séjours à Bali, je partage avec mes lecteurs le meilleur de l'île des Dieux et de l'Indonésie depuis 2010. Merci d'être arrivé(e) jusqu'à moi, bienvenue sur Balisolo et belle visite à vous !

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2 réponses

  1. Nguyen dit :

    I stay here 2 night 23 and 24 Sept 2013. I was lost 100$ in pocket when I go to the beach to swim.

    I keep everything of mine: pocket, wacht, phone….etc in my room, and send the key to reception yesterday and go to beach to swim. When I go back I go out to eat and just take some Rupia, I did not check my dolars. This morning I arranged and checked my stuff and know that I LOST 100$ (in total of 140 $)

    I went down to reception and they said me to meet their boss. I met him and he show me the paper that said on #6: Have to keep valued things in safety box in reception room. What a night mare, when I check in they never tell me about safety box!!!!. He said I can go to Police to report but, hell, I am flying today, so how I can follow this deal! He show me agained the paper and said he write that, and that was my fault to not follow.

    Oh my good, I went to repcetion to check out and met the girl (1 of 3 people I gave my keys when I went to the beach for swimming), I tell her I lost 100 $ in my pocket… my GOD, she just looked at me and SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. She told me that she did show me the safety box, but I swear to her that she never showed me.

    Nothing happened, that was my fault … that’s all, not their fault.

    Dirty hotel, dirty swimming pool, dirty boss and dirty staffs. I will never recommend this hotel and ones around because they are very dirty too.